LP Shares & VC Investment

Earn Passive Income To Invest Our Projects

PancakeSwap V3


Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Investment 500 USDT and Equal Amount of EFCR Provide Liquidity on Pancakeswap V3 with the pair of USDT and BNB only.
  • After Successfully Stake, Send Transaction Hash via Email or on Telegram only.
  • Currently Open 50 Places of VIP Investors for VC.
  • Currently 8.00% (96.00% APY) ROI on invested amount to all VC release every first week of month’s in USDT.
  • Maximum investment 50000 USDT only.
  • First come and first serves basis.
  • Our official Email “support@eflancer.com”
  • Official Telegram Support @EflancerSupport

Phase-I Program End within

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

For any info or Support, contact on Telegram Support