Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions

What is EFCR ?

EFLANCER is a Utilities/Governance decentralized Token which made for the uses as Payment token for it’s Projects; like Games, Staking, Yield Farming, NFT’s etc.

EFLANCER Detail's & Information's !
Token Name : EFLANCER
Ticker : EFCR
Decimal : 8
Type : BEP20
Blockchain : BNB Smart Chain
EFLANCER Contract Address ?
BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) :
EFLANCER Blockchain info ?

EFLANCER Currently deployed on BNB Smart Chain, In future it will be on its own Blockchain.

Maximum Supply of EFLANCER ?

Maximum Supply of EFLANCER : 60000000 EFCR only

Total Supply of EFLANCER ?

Total Supply of EFLANCER : 6,00,00,000 EFCR only

Circulating Supply of EFLANCER ?

Circulating Supply : 78,90,000 [13.15%] EFCR only

Is it Possible to Mint New $EFCR in the future ?

No, Its Non Mintable Contract.

When Staking will live ?

To be Announced in Social and Announcement Platforms.

Airdrops or Bounties Available ?

Yes, Time to Time Available and Announced in Social Platforms.

How to Get $EFCR ?

You can buy $EFCR from listed Exchanges (CEX or DEX). To Check List of Exchange here.

How many $EFCR Locked ?

As on April 19th 2024 Total 5,21,10,000 [86.85%] EFCR Locked. For more detail’s visit PinkLock/Vesting or Check on Blockchain

How many $EFCR Unlock Every month ?

Monthly unlock 2,70,000 EFCR on after every 30 days, must check Unlock/Vesting Schedules for details.

Burning Mechanism available ?

Currently Not but In future We plan for it.

What Use cases of $EFCR ?

We already working to develop projects where can use $EFCR :

Eflancer dAAP Wallet : Elevate your digital asset management with Eflancer Wallet. Seamlessly store, track, and engage with cryptocurrencies and decentralized apps. Experience control and security in your hands.

Eflancer Utilities Services : Pay Bills, Shop, and Manage daily needs using Cryptocurrencies effortlessly. Experience financial freedom and security while embracing the future of transactions.

EflancerPay Solutions : Elevate transactions with our Eflancer Payment Solutions. Accept diverse Crypto Currencies Effortlessly, Ensuring, Secure and Borderless Payments for the future.

Eflancer Games : Dive into the world of Blockchain Games. Own assets, enjoy fair play, and experience gaming innovation like never before. Join us and be part of the future of gaming today.

Eflancer Metaverse World : Step into Eflancer Metaverse : your gateway to boundless virtual experiences. Build, socialize, and explore in a universe where imagination knows no limits.

Eflancer MainNet : Embark on a new era of possibilities with Eflancer Blockchain development. Get Unmatched Speed, Security, and Scalability as we pave the way for decentralized applications.

NFT’s Marketplace : Your hub for Authentic Digital Art and Collectibles. Get Revolutionizing creativity and ownership in the digital age. Discover, collect, and create in the Eflancer NFT Marketplace.

Eflancer Bridge : Cross Boundaries with Eflancer Blockchain Bridge. Seamlessly Connect and Transact between Blockchains, Unlocking a world of Interoperability and Opportunities.